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Start a Wildly Profitable Tree Trimming Business in 3 Months & Never Touch a Chainsaw

Proven formula for launching a 6-7 figure tree trimming business in 3 months, with almost no startup costs.

We'll show you how to find subcontractors to do all the work for you at 50% margins!

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First Customer in 2 Weeks

The Online Bootcamp Formula

We will share with you our proven formula that covers everything you need to know to launch a profitable tree business within 3 months.

This includes launching strategies, tech stack, competitive analysis, operations, client acquisition, and more!

And then, we'll put you in a community of 20+ other people doing the exact same thing in other markets!


Finding Crews

This is an asset-light approach, so you'll need to find and use existing tree crews to do the dirty work for you. Will talk all about this. We'll also discuss insurance and ways to stay safe!


Step-by-Step Support

All attendees will be put in a community of all other attendees. What could be better than a support system of guys across the country doing the exact sam thing you are - starting or running a tree business!


Quoting Jobs

If you over-quote you won't convert enough jobs. If you under-quote you won't make a profit. We'll walk you through all the tips and tricks for doing this right, and we'll even go on a field trip to do this out in the field.



We source tree leads from 30+ different places. We'll touch on each and every one of these with precise detail. You'll quickly see that these are things that we're actually doing and not just theorizing about. I'll likely be joined with a Twitter personality or two for this.


Staying Organized

You won't be able to scale if you can't keep track of and follow up with your leads. Also, we're going to talk about marketing (kind of a lot). We may have a Twitter personality or two speak to us about this boring stuff.

Successful Tree Business
For 95% Less Cost

First, let's cover what our tree trimming arch-nemesis competitor M*nster Tree Care charges their franchisees:

It's not an apples-to-apples comparison, as we are NOT a franchise, but $300K to learn the ins and outs of a biz? And then an additional 6.5% of top-line revenue for back-office support? And THEN you have to spend $150K figures to buy equipment? Sheesh! Don't buy all that equipment...

Comparison Point M*nster Tree Care (Traditional Franchise) Tree Biz Bootcamp
Startup Costs $300,000 - $500,000 95% less expensive
Annual Fees 6% royalty fees No ongoing fees
Ongoing Costs Ad-fund fees and maintenance No ongoing fees
Launch Time 7 - 10 months 30 Days
Brand Control Strict guidelines Full autonomy
Rules & Regulations Strict franchise rules Operate independently
Support Generic corporate support Personalized mentorship and community support
Technology & Tools Locked into their tech stack Virtual tools and platforms at your fingertips

Save Time, Money, and Stress

Our goal is to help you succeed in getting your Tree Biz up, running, and successful in as little as 3 months.

Save Time

  • Save yourself from a 30 year career in a job you hate.
  • Save yourself 9 months setting up a tree business.
  • Save yourself 3 more months to find the right marketing channel.
  • Save yourself 3 more months to learn how to find the best crews.

Save Money

  • Save yourself from spending $300K for a tree franchise.
  • Save yourself from buying $150K in equipment.
  • Save yourself from annual 5-8% franchise fees.
  • Save your life savings from lawsuits because you didn’t have the right insurance.

Save Stress

  • How to find paying customers.
  • How to find and manage contractors.
  • How to handle upset customers and get positive reviews.
  • Standard operating procedures & safety checklists.

Grew Our Tree Business To 7 Figures

In 2023, I had a thought... If I lost everything and only had my knowledge how would I make a $500K profit business within a year?

The answer was to start a Fast Tree Care business in Dallas Texas and grow that into a 7 figure business, with a 5-star Google rating, and never touching a chainsaw.

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20 Jobs & Paid For Itself In 60 Days


Do I need prior experience in the tree business to buy this?

No, the bootcamp is designed for tree biz beginners.

When and where will the Tree Biz Bootcamp be held?

Dive in virtually anytime, anywhere!

How hands-on is the training?

Very! We believe in hands-on learning, which is why we have designed various workshops and activities to help you learn important skills such as quoting practices, setting up Google Ads, cold calling, in-person sales tactics and more.

What is included in the bootcamp?

  • 18 hours of professionally filmed training and instruction
  • How to find crews
  • How to find customers
  • Startup checklist
  • Safety checklist
  • Standard operating procedures
  • 20,000+ more words of detailed, tactical, step-by-step instructions

Is Tree Biz Bootcamp like a traditional franchise?

NO!!! Tree Biz Bootcamp is not a traditional franchise. It's an anti-franchise! A comprehensive business-in-a-box model providing you with a complete playbook for success without the constraints of a franchise. You get all the support you need, along with the freedom to make it truly your own. Our approach is designed to fast-track your entry into the profitable tree care market, offering mentorship and a network of operators and peers you can count on at any time.

Is there any post-bootcamp support?

Yes, attendees will be added to a community of all the other bootcamp attendees that are currently starting or running their own tree-trimming businesses!

What if I want to start a business, but not a tree biz?

Absolutely! This is for you. About 80% of what we'll cover can be applied to any home services biz.

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